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How to create simple job contact form using html

Job Contact Form:

<body bgcolor="87ceeb"><center><h1></h1>

<h2>Jobs In Hyderabad</h2>
<p>Enter your details </p>

<input name="t1" type="text" size="20"><br></p>
Male<input name="t" type="radio" value="Male">
Female<input name="t" type="radio" value="Female">
others<input name="t" type="radio" value="others"><br>
<option value="1">india
<option value="2">Pakistan</select>
<p><strong>Marital status:</strong><br>
single<input name="t" type="checkbox" value="single"><br>
married<input name="t" type="checkbox" value="married"><br>
bachelor<input name="t" type="checkbox" value="bachelor">
<p><strong>Year Of Pass:</strong>
<input name="t1" type="text" size="20"><br></p>
<input type="submit" value="submit">



This tag organize the text into paragraphs.<p>
Tag always starts a new paragraph and makes the browser skip some additional vertical space to start a new paragraph. Much like pressing the enter key a second time .the text and images between the <p>…</p> tags can be aligned to either right, left (default or center of the window depending on the option we select.

<p>Enter your details is given form below</p>


The <br> Tag is used to insert a line break into a page  By moving to the next line of the text. This tag is an empty element and it does not take any content. This does not have a closing tag. This tag has some attributes, the most useful is CLEAR.CLEAR attribute indicates how the text should “flow “ around the image.

With <br>

<p><strong>Marital status:</strong><br>
single<input name="t" type="checkbox" value="single"><br>


<p><strong>Marital status:</strong>
single<input name="t" type="checkbox" value="single">


The text is centered widthwise in the browser

The  Radio Element

The option contains a circle symbol, this circle marks the text that we give, allowing it to only select one for the user

<input  name="t"  type="radio"  value="Gender">

The Checkbox Element

The option contains a square sign, this mark is displayed before the text we give, which allows the user to select only one

<input name="t"  type="checkbox"  value="Gender">


Select option contains drop down menu ,in this section we can select anyone what we want
<option value="OOFFF">Gender1
<option value="FFFOO">Gender2</select>

Submit Element

This option contains button type if we are successfully enter all information then this option will be used to send that information
<input type="submit" value="submit">


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