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Simply Learn SAP Completely Part1

SAP Cloud Platform :

SAP Cloud Platform is SAP's innovative cloud development and deployment platform. It is supported by multiple cloud infrastructure providers and enables innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data, thereby enabling you to achieve business agility and accelerate digital transformation across your business. SAP Cloud Platform offers different development environments, including the Cloud Foundry and Neo environments, and provides a broad choice of programming languages.

  1. User Accounts
  2. Global Accounts and Subaccounts

  1. Cloud Foundry Environment
  2. Neo Environment
  3. When to Use Which Environment?

  1. Regions and API Endpoints Available for the Cloud Foundry Environment
  2. Regions and Hosts Available for the Neo Environment

Accounts : 
  1. User Accounts:User accounts provides to users to go online to SAP Cloud Platform and access sub-accounts and use services in keeping with the permissions given to them. There area unit 2 varieties of users on SAP Cloud Platform platform and business. Platform users area unit sometimes developers, directors, or operators United Nations agency deploy, administer, and troubleshoot applications and services. Business users area unit people who use the applications that area unit deployed to SAP Cloud Platform.
  2. Global Accounts and Subaccounts:Global accounts are hosted environments that represent the scope of the functionality and the level of support based on a customer or partner’s entitlement to platform resources and services. 
3.Global Accounts: Enterprise versus Trial :

SAP Cloud Platform provides different types of world accounts, enterprise and trial. the kind you select determines to cost, conditions of use, resources, offered services, and hosts.

4.Relationship Between Global Accounts and Subaccounts:  

A global account will cluster along completely different subaccounts that an administrator makes available to users. Directors will assign the accessible quotas of world|a worldwide|a world} account to its completely different subaccounts and move it between subaccounts that belong to an equivalent global 

5.Using Beta Features in Subaccounts:

Contractual data processing without additional written agreement.SAP could need that customers settle for further terms to use beta options.
 Beta options are free for enterprise accounts, trial accounts, or both to permit the employment of beta options within the subaccounts offered to you within theSAP Cloud Platform cockpit, you wish to line the modify beta options choice within the subaccount's details. No personal information could also be processed by beta practicality within the context of written agreement processing while not further understanding. 

1.Cloud Foundry Environment:
The Cloud Foundry environment contains the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime, which is based on the open-source application platform managed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation. You can deploy your Cloud Foundry applications in different regions, each of which represents the location of a data center. 

2.Neo Environment:
The Neo environment lets you develop HTML5, Java, and SAP HANA extended application services (SAP HANA XS) applications. You can also use the UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5) to develop rich user interfaces for modern web-based business applications.
3.When to Use Which Environment?

Choose the development environment that is most suitable for your business needs

4.Use Cases for the Cloud Foundry Environment: 
Application developers will use the Cloud metalwork atmosphere to boost SAP merchandise and to integrate business applications, yet on developing entirely new enterprise applications supported business Apis that area unit hosted on SAP Cloud Platform.
5.Use Cases for the Neo Environment:
Neo is a feature-rich and easy-to-use development environment, allowing you to develop Java, SAP HANA XS, and HTML5 applications. We recommend that you use the Neo environment to develop HTML5 and complex Java applications and for complex integration and extension scenarios. 


Depending on the type of your global account and the environment you're using, you can deploy applications in different regions.

1.Regions and API Endpoints Available for the Cloud Foundry Environment:

2.Regions and Hosts Available for the Neo Environment:


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