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History of search engines:Before Google born

Old Search Engines:

  1. MSN Secrets (1995)
  2. Secrets (1991)
  3. Excite Secrets (1995)
  4. Lycos Secrets (1994)


The MSN Homepage (, shown in Figure 2-1, is where it all starts. Think of MSN Home as the contents page of a magazine; everything inside is linked from here, with the major items highlighted in some fashion.
Popular Topics :
The Popular Topics listings at the highest of the search results page area unit searches concerning your question, ideally designed to assist you cut down your results.
 Click one of these links to start a new search and display a new search results page. Featured Sites Featured Sites are sites that are manually assembled by MSN’s team of editors. MSN's editors monitor the foremost well-liked searches being performed with MSN Search and pick sites they believe to be most relevant to those searches. they believe to be most relevant to these searches. Those sites appear in the Featured Sites section . In addition, MSN will sometimes use this section to provide links to articles in the Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia, related MSNBC news articles, or related MSN content.
Web Directory Sites :
The next big section on the  search results page is Web  Directory  Sites.  These results come from the LookSmart directory, which (like the Yahoo! Directory) is a hand-picked listing of the best sites on the Web. These are quality results that are definitely worth checking out.
Web Pages :
The bulk of MSN’s search results fall into the Web Pages category.You can compare Inktomi results to those from Google, which uses similar software-driven search technology.Sources say that Microsoft is developing its own pro­ prietary search technology.When the time is true, expect Inktomi to be kicked call at favor of Microsoft’s home-grown search results—especially as a result of Inktomi is currently owned  by Yahoo!, Microsoft’s chief portal rival.

AOL.Com Secrets: 

  1. Access AOL from Any Web Browser—Without Using AOL Software
  2. Don’t Pay Full Price
  3. You Don’t Have to Subscribe to AOL to Use AOL Instant Messenger
  4. Retrieve Your AOL E-Mail from Any PC
  5. Customize Your Own AOL Start Page on the Web
  6. View Your Local Weather
  7. Display Local Information and Events
  8. When You Search AOL, You’re Searching Google (Sort Of)
  9. Search for People and E-Mail Addresses
  10. Let AOL Track Your Calendar and Appointments
  11. Have AOL Remind You of Important Tasks
  12. Track Your Investments Using
  13. Access AOL Chat Rooms from the Web
  14. Access AOL Message Boards and Groups from the Web
  15. Send Group Invitations with
  16. Send Online Greeting Cards with
  17. Shop Online with
  18. Apply Parental Controls to Manage Your Kids’ Surfing
  19. Get AOL Features Free from Netscape 
Excite Secrets 

  1. Search Excite and You Search 11 Other Sites
  2. Paid Listings are Mixed in with the Other Search Results
  3. Use Boolean Operators to Fine-Tune Your Search—
  4. Even for Those Sites That Don’t Accept Boolean
  5. Meta-Search for News Stories
  6. Meta-Search for Photos
  7. Local TV Listings
  8. Track What’s Playing at Your Local Movie Theater
  9. Keep Up on the Latest Celebrity Gossip
  10. Clean the Clutter with a “Lite” Excite
  11. Personalize the Excite Home Page
  12. Don’t Like My Excite? Use My Way Instead
  13. Win Prizes When You Surf at iWon 
Lycos Secrets:

HotBot : 
HotBot could be a search website that, like Lycos, is an element of the Terra Lycos Network. HotBot provides results from four totally different search indexes—Google, Inktomi, Teoma, .
AltaVista :
AltaVista is a  search site that,  like  AllTheWeb, is owned by  Overture— which was recently acquired by  Yahoo!.  The oldest search engine on the  Web,  AltaVista is n’t nearly as powerful as AllTheWeb or Google, but it still returns
quality results. (You can access AltaVista directly at; )
Overture :
Overture ( is the company that owns both AllTheWeb and AltaVista. It also provides its own search results, based on paid placements by participating Web sites— so its results are going to be less “pure”  than those available elsewhere.
Lycos Directory (Open Directory):
When you select the Web Directory option, you direct your search to Lycos’ pro­prietary version of the  Open  Directory  Project.  The  Open  Directory  Project  (accessible directly at is the largest human-edited directory of Web sites. While even the largest directory is smaller than the smallest search index, the entries are hand-picked and quite often of higher quality than what you get from a search engine like AllTheWeb. 

  1. Lycos Is Part of a Larger Network of Sites
  2. When You Search Lycos, You’re Searching AllTheWeb
  3. The First Results are Bogus
  4. There Are Other Search Options Available
  5. Keep Your Search Results Open in a Separate Pane
  6. Fine-Tune Your Search with the Advanced Search Page
  7. Filter Objectionable Content from Your Search Results
  8. Search for Merchandise to Buy
  9. Search for People and E-Mail Addresses
  10. Search 2,000 Different News Sources
  11. Search for MP3 Music Files to Download
  12. Search for Other Types of Audio Files
  13. Search for Videos
  14. Search for Pictures
  15. Watch the Latest Music Videos on the Lycos Site
  16. View Clips from Upcoming Movies on the Lycos Site
  17. Find Out More About Your Favorite Movies
  18. Find Out More About Your Favorite Celebrities
  19. Admire the Hottest Supermodels
  20. Find the Lyrics to Your Favorite Songs
  21. Play Games Online and Win Prizes
  22. Put Your Kids in the Zone
  23. Make Your Travel Reservations (via Orbitz)
  24. Create Your Own Personal Lycos
  25. Build Your Own Web Site—for Free
  26. Create Your Own Blog
  27. Check Out the Lycos 50



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