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Cybernetics Protector Tutorial Part 1

Cybernetics Protector Introduction :

 The secret intelligence service is constantly using underground agents to solve modern cases and to remove criminal companies.  secret intelligence agencies and their agents are communicating safely by this  software

Existing System:

In the current system, everything is done manually, for example Maintaining/generating and producing/maintaining evidence for specific authority is performed by most people.

Disadvantages of Existing System:

1.The Burden will increase.

2.We will not provide proper security for the data especially to evidence which is very confidential.

3.This is a time-consuming process.

To overcome all the above disadvantages existing in the existing system we will propose a new system as mentioned below.

Proposed System: 

In the proposed system, all the activities performed by humans in the existing system are computerized in the proposed system. The Secret Intelligence Agency always uses secret agents to solve complex cases and to overthrow criminal companies. Secret intelligence agencies and their agents are communicating in a secure way through this software

Study of the system:

To provide flexibility to the users, the interfaces are developed that are accessible by the browser. The GUI’S at the highest level are classified as.
1.Administrative user interface
2.The operational or generic user interface

administrative interface 'focus on consistent data needed for data acquisition. These interfaces help operators along with extensive data search capabilities in all transaction states, such as data interface, data removal, and data updating.Operation or Simple User Interface' help the end-users of the system in transactions through existing data and services. The functional user interface also helps ordinary users in maintaining their own information in a convenient manner, as per flexibilities.

Feasibility Study:

Feasibility Report:
 The preliminary investigation examines project feasibleness, the probability of the system are helpful to the organization. the most objective of the feasibleness study is to check the Technical, Operational and Economical practicability for adding new modules and debugging recent running system. All systems area unit feasible if they're given unlimited resources and infinite time. 
There area unit aspects of the feasibleness study portion of the preliminary investigation:
  1. Technical Feasibility
  2. Operation Feasibility
  3. Economical Feasibility



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